Saturday, July 29, 2006

Erika CHRISTENSEN has it

These things happen when you have good friends in the right places. My friend Rosana is working in the production of the next Erika Christensen and Nick Stahl movie, "How to rob a bank". The other day, she gave Erika one of the ties. Rosana said that she loved it and that she is eager to wear it. For those who haven't seen it, I would recommend "Flightplan". Erika's performance is captivating and sweet.


Anonymous charly said...

A esta no la tengo fichada todavía, pero vamos, que bienvenida al club de las corbatas!

Julia Roberts está al caer...


1:39 AM  
Anonymous Babosillo said...

Por favor, no tapes esas vistas con una corbata.

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Javi said...

Vamos con Erika!
Me encata esta chica. En "Traffic" se salió.
Canita, esto se va de las manos.

7:40 AM  

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